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End of Key Stage Assessment Information for schools is currently available in three different formats. 

From September 2016 a different format will be used to reflect the changes in End of Key Stage Assessments. 


Comparative Summary Sheets

Formal tests called SATs are taken in May by children in Year 2 (at the end of their time in Key Stage 1), and by children in Year 6 (at the end of their time in Key Stage 2).  The SATs Results are shared with the parents of children in Year 2 and Year 6 alongside the children's end of year reports in July.  Along with the results for their individual child, parents receive a summary of the results for the whole class.  These results are compared with the National results for the previous year.  To see these summaries, please click on the links below.

Click here to see the most recent Year 2 End of Key Stage 1 Results

Click here to see the most recent Year 6 End of Key Stage 2 Results


Key Stage 2 Performance Tables

The Department for Education produces a summary document of all the data available for each school.  This is updated annually, using the data from the previous summer's SATs tests. 

Click here to see the Department for Education (DfE) Key Stage 2 Performance Tables for our school.


Data Dashboards

Ofsted produce an 'at a glance' document called the Data Dashboard.  This document considers both attainment (the actual results the children achieved) and progress (the amount of progress the children have made from a given starting point).  It also includes information about attendance and other aspects of the school.  

Click here to see the most recent Key Stage 1 and 2 Ofsted Data Dashboard information for our school.




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