showing our faith

There are many ways we show our faith in what we do every single day! For example, helping our families with the different jobs that need to be done around the house, being a good friend to others and even doing small things that make a big difference like saying “please” and “thank you” or simply holding the door for people.

We can put our faith into action anytime, anywhere! At Andrews’ Endowed, we regularly look for ways to act in love for others in our families, at school, as well as in the local and wider community.


In our school we always think of how we can serve and help others; putting our school values into action. Older pupils are play leaders and buddies for younger pupils;

Our School Council, Church School Councillors meet regularly to support school leadership and improvement as well as reminding us of our Christian responsibility to look after our world.

The School Council decides on a charity to support over the course of the year. Some of the charities we have supported have included:

  • Alton Food Bank through our Harvest Appeal
  • Poppy sales for The Royal British Legion
  • Children in Need

acting compassionately

We encourage our pupils to think and to act compassionately within the school, the local community, and society. We want our pupils to grow and develop spiritually, morally, academically, socially, and culturally. We are hopeful that our pupils emerge committed to promoting social justice for all and working towards the Common Good of all.

Join the Andrews’ Endowed community in making a difference, whether it’s through lending a helping hand to a neighbour, participating in our school initiatives, or supporting our chosen charities.