Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs Gemma Gundry
Lower School Leader Mrs Annie Vincent
Upper School Leader Miss Alison Daffey

Class Teachers

Acorns (EYFS) Mrs Anelda Ryan
Year 1 Mrs Annie Vincent (4 days) Miss Charlotte Mills (1 day)
Year 2 Mrs Sarah Poulton (3 days) Miss Charlotte Mills (2 days)
Year 3 Miss Chloe Durrant
Year 4 Mrs Jenny Hudd (2 days) Mrs Claire McFall (3 days)
Year 5 Miss Alison Daffey
Year 6 Mr Sam Paine

Classroom Staff

SENCo Mrs Angela Baverstock
French PPA Teacher Mrs Faye Mylward
Higher Level Teaching Assistants and PPA Teachers Mrs Jade Mason Mrs Hannah Rose

School Office Staff

School Business Manager Mrs Tracy Slater
Administrative Assistant Mrs Lou Gubby

Learning Support Assistants and Special Needs Assistants

Teaching Assistant Mrs Laura Anderson
Teaching Assistant Mrs Sarah Barwick
Teaching Assistant Mrs Tina Copplestone
Teaching Assistant Miss Naomi Corlett
Special Needs Assistant Mrs Fiona Driscoll
Library Assistant Mrs Tracy Gee
Special Needs Assistant Miss Jessica Griffiths
Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant Miss Poppy Kaluszniak
Special Needs Assistant Mrs Kate Marsh
Teaching Assistant and ELSA Mrs Louise Pearce
Teaching Assistant Mrs Martha Winslade-Moon

Lunchtime Staff

Senior Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner Mrs Donna Butcher
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Denise Reardon
Lunchtime Supervisor Ms Wendy Middleton
Cook Supervisor (HCC) Mrs Angela Weston
Catering Assistant (HCC) Ms Pauline Cowdrey
Catering Assistant (HCC) Ms Anna Franklin

Breakfast and After School Club Staff

Breakfast and Afterschool Club Manager Mrs Christine White
Breakfast Club Leader Mrs Donna Butcher
Breakfast Club Assistant Mr Ben Barwick
Breakfast Club Assistant
After School Club Leader Mrs Donna Butcher
After School Club Leader Mrs Karen Tarrant
After School Club Assistant Miss Jessica Griffiths
After School Club Assistant Miss Holly Tarrant
After School Club Assistant Miss Poppy Kaluszniak

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Brass tuition Mr David Thomas
Guitar tuition
Violin tuition Mrs Janis Moore
Woodwind tuition Mr Krzysztof Stasiak

Discover the faces behind the learning, and witness first hand the caring educators who make Andrews’ Endowed a second home for our pupils.