Are you confused by different posts you see on the internet? Can you spot what is real and what is fake news? While we are all on the internet, make sure you help yourself stay correctly informed and know how to spot websites and posts from making you believe something is true when it is not!

Please find below a mixture of on screen and importantly off screen activities that you might like to try at home.

Non-Screen Activities

How about trying some of these great non-screen activities recommended by @HeyPobble? 

Maybe once you’ve tried all of these, you could think up another non-screen activity for another family to try?


PECT has created a lot of non-screen activities for children to complete to better understand the world around them, particularly promoting looking after our local environment. They say:

The  Nature’s School resource is all about bringing families together to enjoy, appreciate and protect their time together. By doing so it can have a positive effect on physical and mental health and ultimately our natural environment as well.

Our environment is sometimes an unexplored natural resource, often overlooked for its wealth of possibilities, and not always appreciated or looked after as it should be! Take this time to turn that around and discover natural wonders, learn from Nature’s School and in return protect it for future generations.


There are some great projects that your children could complete that have been created by Kew. They have informative Powerpoints to link to the projects.


Wildlife watch have created a multitude of non-screen activities to complete at home.


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If you are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths then you might like to try the following activities: