An in-year admission occurs when a child needs an immediate school place during the academic year. At Andrews’ Endowed Primary School, we understand that circumstances may arise requiring families to seek a new school placement outside of the usual admissions cycle. Below, we outline our process for in-year admissions to help facilitate a smooth transition for your child.

Reasons for In-Year Admissions

There are two main reasons why families may seek an in-year admission for their child:

  1. Relocation: Families may be moving house and require a new school placement in their new area.
  2. Unhappiness with Current School: Parents may be dissatisfied with their child’s current school and seek a transfer to a different institution. We will emphasise the importance of communicating this to your current school in order to try and resolve the unhappiness.

Application Timeline

Parents can apply for an in-year place at Andrews’ Endowed Primary School up to four school weeks before the required start date.

Processing and Response Time

In-year applications for Hampshire schools, including Andrews’ Endowed, are processed directly by the schools. We aim to respond to your application in writing within 10 school days, but we must provide a response no later than 15 school days.

Before You Apply

Before applying for an in-year admission, we encourage parents to consider the following:

  • Discuss with Current School: If your child is experiencing difficulties at their current school, it’s essential to communicate with the headteacher first to attempt to resolve any issues.
  • Travel Arrangements: Consider transportation logistics, as parents are responsible for arranging and covering travel costs unless eligible for statutory Home to School Transport.

Completing the Application

To apply for an in-year place at Andrews’ Endowed Primary School, parents can complete the online application available on the Hampshire County Council website.

Additionally, applicants must provide evidence of their child’s address, such as a driving licence, council tax bill, utility bill, or bank statement showing both the name and home address.

Receiving the Outcome

Once the application is submitted, Andrews’ Endowed CE Primary School aim to respond within 10 school days. If offered a place, parents should liaise with the school to arrange a start date. In the event of a refusal, parents have the option to join the school’s waiting list, appeal the decision, or seek assistance from the Admissions Team to find an alternative school place.

We understand that transitioning to a new school can be a significant decision for families, and we are here to support you throughout the process.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding in-year admissions, please contact