Our PTFA have devoted much of their spare time to raise funds for the school through a series of fun activities and events that have involved the whole village community.

Enormous amounts have been raised thanks to the support from parents, families, teachers and friends of the school. In recent years, the PTFA have managed to purchase the following:

·        Tablet computers for use in the classrooms

·        Our Outdoor Classroom

·        Projectors and Whiteboards for all classrooms

·        Books for our Year 6 Leavers

Plants, materials and manpower for our annual Groundforce event

PE Shed

The PTFA are currently raising money to update the outdoor provision for our children.  A new trim trail will be installed in the Summer term as a result of the PTFA’s fundraising. 

At Andrews’ Endowed CE Primary School, we believe that collaboration between parents, caregivers, staff, and the wider school community is essential for creating a nurturing and enriching educational environment. That’s why we’re proud to have a Parent Teacher Friends Association (PTFA) dedicated to fostering strong relationships and supporting the school’s mission.

Inclusive Membership

At most schools, all parents, caregivers, and staff are automatically members of the PTFA. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to contribute to the success of our school community. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or member of the school staff, you are an integral part of our PTFA family.

Annual General Meetings

Each school year, the PTFA holds its annual general meeting (AGM), where members come together to discuss important matters, elect a committee, and set priorities for the year ahead. The committee, typically consisting of a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, and ordinary committee members, is responsible for leading and organising PTFA initiatives and events.

Class Representatives

As part of the PTFA committee, class representatives play a vital role in facilitating communication between the PTFA and parents in their child’s class. These dedicated individuals ensure that important information and updates from the PTFA are shared effectively, fostering strong connections and engagement within the school community.

Collaborative Efforts

PTFA committees meet regularly, typically once a term, to plan and coordinate various events and activities that support the school. Additionally, smaller working groups are often established to focus on specific initiatives or projects. From fundraising events to social gatherings and educational workshops, the PTFA’s efforts enrich the school experience for students, families, and staff alike.

Get Involved

We invite all parents, caregivers, and staff to get involved with the PTFA and contribute to our shared goals of building community and supporting education. Whether you have ideas for new initiatives, skills to offer, or simply want to lend a helping hand, there are many ways to make a difference through the PTFA.

Join us in making Andrews’ Endowed CE Primary School a vibrant and inclusive community where every child can thrive. Together, we can create memorable experiences, foster meaningful connections, and empower our students to reach their full potential.

For more information about how you can get involved with the PTFA, please contact ptfaandrewsendowed@gmail.com . We look forward to welcoming you to our PTFA family!