Intent, Implementation, Impact

We believe that all pupils should be exposed to the creative arts consistently throughout their education and have access to explore further opportunities in the area of music. Exploring different genres, and the work of a variety of musicians, widens and enriches their view on the world, leaving pupils with fond memories of their time at Andrews’ Endowed. Expressing themselves through music provides children opportunities to learn an instrument, sing songs from different genres and cultures, and perform to different audiences. We believe music kindles all areas of a child’s development, preparing them for school readiness and enhancing their educational journey, bringing the body and mind together.

We believe that pupils learn best through actively participating in music making and aim to make musical sound, and particularly the singing voice.  Our pupils follow a clear progression in their learning about musical concepts including pitch, duration, timbre, tempo, dynamics, texture and structure. From Year R to Year 6, our curriculum steadily builds in complexity with pupils depending their knowledge and growing in independence year on year. 

We offer small group instrumental tuition in a range of woodwind, brass and string instruments, with lessons taught by experiences Hampshire Music Service teachers and local specialist peripatetic teachers.

Music curriculum map

Music progression of skills

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods: pupil discussions and interviews about their learning, lesson visits

By the time children leave Andrews’ Endowed CE Primary School they will perform in solo and ensemble contexts. They will use their voices and play musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. Children will improvise and compose music for a range of purposes and listen with attention to detail. They will appreciate and understand a range of high-quality music drawn from different traditions and composers. Children will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in music to be able to continue their musical journey in secondary school and beyond.