High ASpirations

We have ambitions for our children. We have time to recognise and value the whole child and support them in all areas of their learning. They are the future.

moral strength

To be bold, to be honest; we champion the voice of each child to take action on what they believe is right.

Spiritual depth

We encourage our children to question and ask why whilst listening more deeply to the world around them.

What is Andrews’ Endowed?

At Andrews’ Endowed, our school is a vibrant community where values of nurturing, outdoor learning, physical activity, and strong connections thrive. We believe in fostering a sense of togetherness, where children build friendships not only within their classes but also with their teachers. Celebrating each other’s achievements is a key aspect of our community, instilling a spirit of happiness and camaraderie. Our commitment to physical activity is reflected in our emphasis on good sportsperson skills, encouraging pupils to enjoy movement and exercise. In the great outdoors, our approach to learning extends beyond the classroom, providing opportunities for outdoor learning experiences that enrich both the mind and body. In our classrooms, differences are not looked down upon but celebrated, as we continually strive to accept everyone for who they are, promoting a diverse and inclusive learning environment.


As a Church of England school at the heart of Holybourne village community, we set out to promote and nurture Christian and moral values within a happy environment where everyone feels valued and secure. Our core values are love, courage and respect.


In the heart of our school, welcoming spaces are nurtured where wellbeing is a key focus. Drawing inspiration from the Church of England, we’re committed to instilling Christian and moral values in a friendly atmosphere. We believe in nurturing every child’s overall growth, making sure they feel not just valued but also safe throughout their learning journey. Our foundation rests on the principles of love, courage, and respect, shaping our pupils’ experiences with warmth and care. At Andrews’ Endowed, wellbeing isn’t just a concept; it’s a reality reflected in the supportive environment we build for everyone in our school family.


From the moment children arrive, aged four onwards, we help them develop their character, resilience, relationships, abilities, skills and knowledge.

The Andrews’ Way is an attitude that nurtures every single child.

Learning outdoors

Our curriculum is designed to enable our pupils to learn through active enquiry and first hand experience. We are committed to a curriculum which provides plenty of opportunities for learning outdoors.  Our pupils are offered a high quality learning environment, both indoors and out. We are privileged to enjoy extensive grounds, including a woodland area we call our ‘secret garden’, a large playing field, a playground, an adventure playground, and a storytelling garden. We also have an ‘outdoor classroom’ large enough to seat a whole class for lessons outside.


Our commitment to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle is evident through various avenues at our school. The running track becomes a dynamic space where children engage in activities that not only build their stamina but also instil a sense of physical well-being. Beyond the school grounds, our participation in sports events organised by the Alton Cluster Schools provides ample opportunities for children to explore and embrace different physical activities. Additionally, we recognise the importance of connecting with nature, and our involvement in Forest School activities encourages children to be physically active in an outdoor setting, promoting not only their physical health but also an appreciation for the environment. Through these initiatives, we aim to instil a love for movement and fitness, fostering a holistic approach to the well-being of our pupils.

Join hands with us in shaping a future filled with knowledge, kindness, and endless possibilities. Enrol your child today and be a part of our warm and welcoming school family! Together, let’s inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

“A fun happy place where all of the learning is extremely engaging. The teachers are amazing and kind.”

-Alex, Year 6 Pupil

“Andrews’ Endowed isn’t just a school it is a family. We’re a community and we will always be there for each other. My school is my educational home.”

-Aston, Year 6

“For me Andrews’ Endowed means: learning with others, making new friends and exploring new things every day.”

-Year 6 Pupil