A Common Interest is shared

The governors share a common interest in our school and recognise that the school has a role to play in the success of the community which it serves.

Strategic direction

The governors are responsible for the strategic direction of the school, acting within a policy framework set by national legislation.  They are involved in creating and developing a strategic plan for the school, setting and agreeing objectives, and monitoring and evaluating success by focusing on progress and outcomes.


At Andrews’ Endowed, the head teacher and governors work in partnership and liaise closely on all matters affecting the school.  The Governing Body acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the school, asking challenging questions about performance and using their skills and experience to support the school in addressing its aims. 

Andrews’ Endowed School is very much part of the community to which we, children, parents, teachers and governors all belong. The Governing Body, which meets formally each term, has two sub-committees: Finance and Personnel. These meet regularly to discuss matter in detail and make recommendations to the full Governing Body. Governors at Andrews’ Endowed are either elected, appointed or co-opted. A chair and vice-chair are elected each year to conduct the meetings and to be available for contact by the head teacher. A clerk to the governors is appointed to take the minutes of meetings and to deal with correspondence. Any of the governors may be contacted via the School Office.

All Parent and Community Governors are unpaid volunteers, with the Headteacher and Staff Governor giving up their time to attend the Governing Body meetings. We appreciate their contributions and thank them for giving their time and expertise to the improvement of school standards and assisting us to give all the children the best possible primary school experience.

Governors attend regular meetings, make visits and contacts with the school and communicate frequently with us to ensure that successes are celebrated and areas of concern acted upon.