In their role as Junior Librarians, the children aim to:

  • Look after the Library and ensure it is tidy
  • Encourage others to treat the Library with respect
  • Encourage others to look after the books
  • Help others to find the books they want and make recommendations
  • Be role models during class library sessions; encouraging quiet reading time and helping to scan books for borrowing / returning
  • Inspire others to develop a love of books and reading

Children in Years 1-6 who are interested in this role must fill in an application form stating who they are, describe their interests and explain the reasons why they would like the job and what qualities they believe they could bring to the role. Mrs Gee then chooses the applicants to represent their class. Those children chosen are then presented with Junior Librarian badges after they have shown a commitment to their responsibility so they can be easily identified around the school, which they wear proudly! Our Junior Librarians value their role and carry out their duties responsibly, as follows….

During class library sessions we help the children return their books by scanning these back in and then issuing them with any new book they wish to borrow. We help children in finding new books as well as showing them the correct place to return books on the shelves, encouraging them to help keep our library tidy. We lead by example, treating the books and library space with respect and behaving in a respectful manner. At the end of each library session, we remain behind to ensure that everything is tidy before returning to class. 

As we all love books and reading we help to share our interest by making recommendations to others, supporting our class mates to find books they will really enjoy!

We know that reading is very important, not just for the enjoyment it can bring us, but also because it:

  1. Helps improve creativity and imagination
  2. Helps us to learn
  3. Increases our vocabulary
  4. Improves our memory
  5. Increases our concentration and attention span
  6. Improves our writing skills

As well as undertaking their role during weekly library sessions, our Junior Librarians help to encourage the love of reading in a variety of ways. They enjoy ‘buddying up’ with children from other year groups to share stories and in our Collective Worships, they read snippets from some of their favourite books. 

Projects for the future:

Helping to run a ‘book swap’. 

Lead a lunchtime Storytime club for the reception children, reading and sharing stories and doing book related activities. 

To create an ‘outdoor reading area’ with the view of expanding the love of reading by bringing it outside! This will be a designated seated area where the children will have the opportunity to borrow books during the lunchtime break and sit in a comfortable space to quietly read and share stories. This will be manned on a rota basis by the Junior Librarians, who will be responsible for loaning out books from a trolley and then ensuring their collection at the end.