“Within a Christian ethos we strive to create a caring community. We encourage all members of our school to respect themselves and each other. We establish high standards of behaviour, reinforced by praise and underpinned by Christian values.”

Love, Courage, RESPECT

Our Christian ethos enables us to talk with the children about care and respect for each other, within Christian principles. It gives us a basis for exploring with the children the fact that making mistakes is part of our human frailty and that honesty and openness when we make a mistake is the best way forward, so that together we can reach a point of forgiveness and be helped to try harder in the future. We encourage our children to show Love and Respect for each other and for the school, and to have the Courage to own up and face the consequences when they have not made good choices, We help children to understand that forgiveness does not mean they can behave badly and then just say sorry – that it is about learning to truly appreciate the needs and feelings of others and doing everything in their power to behave well so that everyone is safe and happy.  

key principles on which our behaviour policy is based

 ·        Everyone has a right to be safe and be treated with respect. 

·        Everyone has a responsibility to behave appropriately. 

·        A consistent approach is essential for children to feel secure. 

·        Children do best when they have clear boundaries and when they know we have high expectations of them. 

·        Children thrive on praise – it is our role to catch them being good.

·        Positive approaches which focus on reinforcing and rewarding appropriate behaviour are more effective than those which focus on punishing unacceptable behaviour. 

·        Wherever possible, we praise children publicly; and correct their behaviour quietly and individually. 

·        Adults in school should be role models of exemplary behaviour and warm, caring, respectful relationships with those around them.

·        Parents are partners in the process of promoting social, emotional development and good behaviour. 

·        Everyone involved in promoting good behaviour in our school needs to be aware of our policy, procedures and practices. 


We expect children to behave well so that they can flourish as enthusiastic and successful learners.  Behaviour which stops the teacher teaching, children learning and causes anyone in the school community to feel unsafe or undermined, needs to be addressed and corrected. 

The children are expected to behave to a high standard, so that they are willing and ready to learn. Members of staff endeavour to recognise and praise such behaviour as much as possible. 

“The school values of Love, Courage and Respect are shown in the caring attitude of pupils and adults supporting each other in all aspects of school life.”

SIAMS 2018

The children must understand that if their behaviour falls outside what is expected they will bring consequences upon themselves. It is important for all to realise that they are responsible for their own actions. Making the wrong choices will lead to consequences for the child, whether that be missing playtime or an experience they were looking forward to, or simply learning to recognise the feeling inside that comes from having disappointed someone, and then wanting to work to re-earn that person’s trust or pride in them.